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Life is an Adventure to live

Life is an Adventure to live

Psalm 91 – Focusing on God’s presence Who He is and what He is able to do

The focus is on where we dwell vs. where we hide (and we are all tempted to hide)
We hide because we have believed a lie, we live in shame. We hide thru achievements, sorrows, victimhood, from grief and loss, wealth, problems and other life issues. The solution is to seek God above all else. Hiding will not satisfy and you will trust in no one but yourself and your ability to protect yourself. But God says “seek me, I will give you My grace, My righteousness, I will put a new heart in you and a new song to sing. God will be our refuge and fortress.”

The Church is meant to be a refuge. It is like a hospital, a gym, a lab, a workshop, a spiritual spa treatment–everyone seeking to encourage one another in their personal growth through prayer and reassurance. God is calling us into a place of refreshment. He also calls us to a place called a fortress-a picture of strength, organization, and preparedness, a place where we can get our “act” together. There He will build you up and make you strong.

·  God is calling you into His presence among His people which is a refuge and a fortress to dwell and not hide from the world and become a new person in His name.
·  The Lord is actively protecting you from evil
·  The Lord delivers us from a variety of threats – real and imagined
·  You can be assured God’s Hand is on you. It is not luck, fate or skill
·  We know that harm does overtake us and disasters engulf God’s people but He will always be our refuge
·  The psalmist emphasizes God’s greatness over the enemy of your soul

The bottom line – the punch line to this riddle-like psalm:
God is bigger, God is better than we can even imagine. He IS with you and He IS for you in spite of any signs to the contrary.