Children’s Ministry Volunteer Opportunities

We want every family to feel connected and every parent to be an active participant in the children’s ministry. There are many ways to be involved and share your gifts. Please contact Ryana Contreras if you would like to assist in any of the following areas (or if you would like to share your talents in any other way).

  • Children’s Ministry Leadership Team
  • Serve on Sundays
  • Lead Children’s Worship
  • Special Event Teams (VBS, Mom and Me, Family Dinners, Family Nights)
  • Database, Social Networking, Web Design

How to serve on Sundays:

We encourage every parent in our Children’s Ministry to volunteer at least one Sunday in our children’s classrooms and we welcome men and women of all ages to invest in the lives of the next generation! Participating in our Children’s Ministry as a Small Group Leader is simple but incredibly impactful. When the kids see you taking the time to encourage their spiritual growth on Sunday mornings, they realize how much you value them. Spending time in the classroom on Sunday also equips you as parents to bring home the main point from our lessons and continue these spiritual conversations throughout the week.

Early Childhood Volunteers

In our birth through kindergarten classes, the teachers lead the story telling and activities. Volunteers are welcome to assist the teacher in engaging the children in play, making them feel safe and welcome, and encouraging them to participate in the class activities such as worship and the Bible story. You haven’t seen cute until you serve in our nursery!

Elementary Small Group Leaders

Elementary Small Group Leaders get to lead their own small group. Volunteers in these classes are welcome to help welcome the kids and engage them in the opening activity, sit next to kids during the lesson and encourage them to listen, and lead a small group based off the guide given ahead of time. It’s seriously way TOO MUCH FUN!