Enrollment for the school year begins the spring prior to the school year with Priority Enrollment for current students first. Eastgate Christian Preschool is a year-round school and enrollment is continuously filled throughout the year and summer as space becomes available. The school year runs from September through May. The summer camp program runs June through August. Applications are accepted year-round.

All families sign contracts at the time of enrollment. Please note that the contract states that you are responsible for the full year’s tuition unless a 30-day written notice is given to the office.

A non-refundable registration fee is due for each new ($175) and returning ($125) child at the time of registration along with updated paperwork. This is necessary for your child’s placement, covers the cost of setting-up/maintaining your preschool account and provides an emergency pack for your child.

Additionally, a $30 Technology Fee per family is due at Registration to cover the cost of the school’s subscription to Brightwheel. Brightwheel is a helpful platform for families to check their child in and out daily, as well as an easy way for teachers to communicate with families throughout the day. Learn more about Brightwheel by visiting:

We reserve the right to discontinue enrollment if the policies and procedures of the preschool do not meet the needs of parents and children.

Call us at (858) 453-7430 ext. 212 to enroll your child.


Eastgate Christian Preschool accepts children ages two through five who are within the normal range of health and development and who can benefit from such a program.

Eastgate Christian Preschool is a ministry of La Jolla Community Church. ECS is a private school and reserves the right to accept or refuse any application. The submission of an application, signed by a parent or legal guardian, does not guarantee enrollment or indicate any right to available spaces at ESC.

According to California law parents/guardians must turn in all enrollment forms including medical forms and immunization records before a child is allowed to attend school. The following immunizations are required for those children 2-years-old and older:

  • POLIO (OPV or IPV): 3 immunizations
  • DTP/Dta/DT/Td: 4 immunizations
  • MMR: 1 immunization
  • HIB: 1 immunization