Follow Instructions to Book Your Event


Welcome to the Event Planning page. Here, you will find the the form for booking your event. This process delivers your information into the hands of all the right people. Even if your event is off-campus or doesn’t require promotion, these forms communicate what you’re doing and provide us with a way to sync up all of LJCC’s ministries.

Due to the need for accurate information on the forms, take your time and fill these out completely. Please help us and yourself by getting it as correct as possible, the first time.

Are you ready with details for your event?
This form is the required way for you to get all your details to all the right people. This form is due 6 weeks before your event can begin to be promoted. It could take us as long as two weeks to get back to you as we add your event to our main calendar, schedule staff, and prepare promotional materials.

Event Planning