We view church membership as an expression of our faith in Jesus Christ and a commitment to His people. One does not have to be a member to participate in the life of our congregation (everyone is welcome), but we encourage membership.


1. To express your commitment to following Jesus. As committed followers of Jesus, we embrace His lordship and trust Him with our whole life on a daily basis. As disciples, we want to learn everything Jesus teaches us about life in the Kingdom of God, now and forever.

2.To express your commitment to helping the church fulfill its God-given purpose. As a member, you’re a stakeholder in the church. In essence, you’re saying, “I desire to play an active role carrying out the mission and vision of LJCC!” As a member, you’ll feel the excitement and joy of knowing you are an integral, valued part of the LJCC family. We are one piece of the global Church, working together to help LJCC be a highly-effective movement for Christ in San Diego and beyond.


Becoming a member at LJCC is a path toward fully engaging with what God is doing in your life, the life of the church, and in the life of the La Jolla community. Membership isn’t a formality; it’s an invitation into the exciting, meaningful, and important work of God’s Church. Before becoming a member, we ask you to commit to the following actions:

    1. Accept and acknowledge Jesus Christ as your personal Savior and Lord.
    1. Maintain a growing relationship with Jesus Christ and a commitment to serving others.
    1. Take part in baptism, an outward, public expression of the inward, personal work of God in your life.
    1. Be an active participant in the life of LJCC through mission work, caring ministries, and/or small group gatherings.
    1. Commit to expressing your gratitude for all God has entrusted to you through regular financial giving to the church.
  1. Participate in a membership class.


The Membership Class is the best way to learn about the heart of La Jolla Community Church. Taking place two times a year, the class is led by Pastor Steve Murray. Hear about the mission and vision of the church while getting a chance to ask questions and learn more about what membership at LJCC looks like. This class is a prerequisite for membership.

For more info or questions, contact Barbara Imamoto or call (858) 558-9020 x207.