The Secret to Peace this Summer

The Secret to Peace this Summer

The Secret to Finding Peace may surprise you

Finding the Work/Life Balance You Desire

It’s mid-summer, and you’ve either taken your much-deserved vacation or are anxiously awaiting the peace that comes along with it. And for some of you, you’re on your way to your destination right now! You’ve packed and made all the arrangements. You finally get a chance to take that vacation you’ve always desired, and you end up sleeping most of the time.

Why We Sleep” (Matt Walker, Ph.D.) – a recent book out from by a well-respected sleep researcher would have us believe our exhaustion has us poised for a fell. Enjoyment is underwhelming. The relaxation that results in peace is often elusive. As soon as we break from work for vacation, we shrug off the all-time work mentality. But when was the last time we knew, deep down, it is well? (Ecclesiastes 2:22-23) When was the last time it was streaming out of our bones?

Perhaps the key to finding rest in our lives doesn’t come in the form of a plane ticket to an exotic resort. Shocking, I know! But finding lasting peace in our lives means being at peace well after we return to work. I’m not suggesting that you cancel your vacation but consider for a moment that we were created to share. When we’re in a state of desperation, we tend to isolate ourselves. When we entertain others, we create a space where gratitude meets joy. Yep, I’m talking about hospitality.

John Mark Comer, a pastor at Bridgetown Church calls our time of unrest, confusion, and isolation a season for the Church to embrace the world through the reconciliatory work of hospitality. But, how do we find the energy to be generous to others when we don’t have enough power to get through the day?

When everyone else is busy keeping up with the Joneses, consider your life with the eyes of the Lord. Rejoice for what people point at in your life and say ‘look at that.’ If your family is well, or well enough – rejoice. If your children are being educated – rejoice. If you have work that pays you a wage – rejoice and be glad. Hospitality starts with having something to give away. And it ends with being glad. Would you agree? Jesus certainly does.

Jesus eats with people often. The excellent book “Never Eat Alone” (Keith Ferrazzi), comes to mind as a spinoff to Jesus’ mentality, the difference being that instead of social climbing He ate with everyone. Jesus ate with people He barely knew so they would know that God sits down with His people. He also ate in the presence of His enemies. What a stir there would be in La Jolla/University Towne Centre if LJCC came to be known for having our enemies over for dinner to show them God’s mercy. (Romans 12:20) After all, “for without him, who can eat or find enjoyment?” (Ecclesiastes 2:25)

When you return from vacation, or the next time you’re longing for peace, get real on how good of a time you can have your friends. Better yet:  see how good of a time you can have with strangers and nominal acquaintances. (Hebrews 13:2-3; Luke 14:12-14). If you sit at the table of gratitude and joy more often in your life, your life will be made full to overflowing and likely you will be more rested. Amen.

How will you show hospitality to others?

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Trevor Olson
Psychologist, PsyD; License No. and State: PSY 28474 California; Serves with the LJCC High School Ministry on Sundays and during the week

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