Pastors preaching a message



October 2018

Embracing means holding someone close as a sign of friendship and affection. At LJCC it means accepting and supporting a biblical theology and intentionally implementing it by incorporating it into our thinking and behavior. Embracing the gospel means becoming an enthusiastic and credible champion of it. We become empathetic guides, helping others embrace the Lord and embrace people in his name. This October we are focusing on embracing four key doctrines and practices: grace, joy, perseverance and hope.

Grace is the power of God to save and transform us so we can extend his grace to others. Grace is God’s effective solution to overcoming the gap that separates us from him. His tender mercy expressed in his atoning sacrifice on the cross open the way of salvation and reconciliation with God, with ourselves, with people and with all creation.

Joy is our daily response to the life-shaping reality of God’s unconditional love for us. Joy is rooted in God’s promises fulfilled in Jesus, resulting in a new life now, and culminating in a new heaven and earth. We can experience it in the immediate circumstances of our fallen humanity which gives us hope to persevere.

Perseverance is staying power, embracing God’s abiding presence through his Holy Spirit. We don’t have to give up, even when life beats us down. Perseverance means thriving in the present pain while pressing on toward a better tomorrow. It isn’t wishful thinking or denial; it is living with powerful hope in the tender mercies and compassion of God who knows our suffering and is with us in it.

Hope is fueled by our confidence and trust in God who is with us and for us in all circumstances. As we embrace the Lord by faith and embrace this biblical theology, and build our lives on it, we thrive and grow.

7 – Grace
14 – Joy
21 – Perseverance
28 – Hope