Steve Murray, Senior Pastor

Steve was born in Wales, started school in Liverpool but has lived most of his life in the United States. The oldest of five children, Steve’s dad was an Irish Catholic and his mom an English protestant. Steve became a Christian in high school through the ministry of Young Life. Meeting Jesus and marrying Janet are the two most significant turning points in his life

Steve received a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from San Jose State University with a minor in Linguistics and a Master of Divinity from Fuller Theological Seminary. He served as an Adjunct Professor at Fuller from 1989-1996. From 1981 to 1995, Steve served as Associate Pastor of Saint Andrew’s Presbyterian Church in Newport Beach, California. He then served as Senior Pastor of La Jolla Presbyterian Church in La Jolla, California from 1995 to 2005. Since 2005 Steve has never had more fun being a pastor!

His greatest honor: Being married to Janet, being a father to Lauren and Megan, and being a pastor.

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Dominic Nuncio, Executive Pastor of Ministries

From leading musical worship, discipling and teaching high school and college students, preaching, leading and managing staff and volunteer teams, and serving as a pastoral team member and elder, Dominic brings over 18 years of ministry experience to the team. Formerly he has served as Director of Worship at the Well Community Church in Fresno, and most recently as the Associate Minister of Worship/Creative Communications at Community Presbyterian Church in Danville, CA.

Dominic, his wife, Tara and their two children, Asher and Amalya are excited to be part of the next season of Kingdom impact here at LJCC.

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Mary Vattimo Rugg, Executive Director / CFO

Mary was born and raised in San Diego along with her six siblings. She received a BA in Economics from UCSD and an MBA from SDSU. She started her career as a Financial Analyst and Economist and worked at the City of San Diego for 18 years, eventually becoming the Treasurer. She also helps run her husband’s business which markets his patented product.

Mary was raised a Catholic but was a member of Mt. Soledad Presbyterian Church for 25 years, attended Faith Community Church, and now attends La Jolla Community Church with her family.

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Natalie Breyer, Director of High School Ministries

Natalie grew up in Cypress, California along with her older sister and amazing parents. She spent two years at Long Beach State University before transferring to Point Loma Nazarene to finish her undergraduate degree in Sociology. She was raised in the Episcopal Church with her family but began participating in an amazing non-denominational youth group in seventh grade and stayed there through high school. As a young adult she was shaped by her youth leaders through things like mission experiences in Ecuador, which have given her a love for working with youth and for cross cultural experiences. In the past year as Director of Youth Ministries she has loved building relationships and seeing the students grow as individuals and as a family. She is constantly amazed at these students and their growing hearts towards Jesus. This past year has been full of camps, soup kitchens, summer breakfast clubs and even a few stitches. Her highlights of the year are summer camp and beach days. Both events were full of games, worship, surfing and getting to know the students on a new level.

Natalie is currently pursuing a Masters in Theology at Fuller Seminary and is excited to see where God takes her through this. She is equally as excited to spend more time with the Jr. High group, continuing to learn and grow alongside each other! She loves all things outdoors and is a proud LA Kings fan.

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Ryana Contreras, Director of Children’s Ministry

Ryana grew up in Oceanside, California. Since she came on staff in 2012, she has completed a degree in International Business, Sustainability, and International Development Studies at Point Loma Nazarene University. Ryana has also traveled with several international organizations and missions teams working with children all over the world.

Ryana is currently working on a Master’s in Theology at Fuller Theological Seminary. She accepted Christ as a child but didn’t understand what a relationship with God meant until high school, so her passion is engaging children in a relationship with Christ and helping them experience God in a transformational way.

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Janet Griffin, Office Administrator

Janet Griffin grew up in Orange County and though she attended church all her life, it was as a young adult that she asked Jesus into her heart. In 2013 she moved to San Diego to marry her husband Chris. They visited LJCC on Palm Sunday of 2015 and became members in November. Janet’s past roles include Music Assistant for a School District in San Juan Capistrano, an Administrative Assistant for the IT department with the Orange County Register, an Office Manager for Webster University, a Seamstress and a mom to two boys (the best job).

The opportunity to work with the staff at LJCC is an answer to much prayer and she looks forward to how God will use her to support the work of LJCC.

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Mike Hedman, Caring Ministries Coordinator

Michael was raised in a Christian home where he was trained up to love and serve the Lord, and where daily “quiet time” and study of God’s Word was encouraged and modeled by his parents.  The family attended an Episcopal church during those exciting years of spiritual renewal beginning in the early 1960s in which thousands in the liturgical denominations were baptized in the Holy Spirit.

Holding an Airline Transport Pilot Certificate (Boeing 737 type-rating) and an MBA in Financial Management, Michael’s professional background is in the military, aviation and corporate world.  His credentials notwithstanding, Michael’s spiritual gifts are clearly in the area of shepherding, pastoring, mercy and encouragement, which are reflected in his involvement in ministry throughout his life to senior citizens and children, pastoral care, as well as Rooted and Life Group facilitation.  Michael has transitioned to his “second journey” in which he plans to devote the remainder of his life to working with children.  He founded Excelsior Chess, a business that provides “faith-based” extracurricular chess programming at schools throughout San Diego County, where he serves the Lord and community by “pastoring” these children, their families and the chess coaches who work for him.

Michael’s passion is to come alongside others as an encourager, training them up to love and serve the Lord through a personal Spirit-empowered walk with Him, an understanding of their spiritual gifts, the regular study of His Word and an awareness of the world around them and how it relates to prophecy and God’s historic and future dealings with humanity.

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Ariane Herwig, Director of Art and Communications

Ariane grew up in Silver Spring, MD. At age 15 she was confirmed in the Catholic faith. After high school she attended the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC). She graduated Magna Cum Laude and earned her Bachelors Degree in Visual Arts with an emphasis in Graphic Design in 2002. After graduation she moved up to Ithaca, NY to work in Prepress at Wilcox Press (now Vanguard Printing).

In 2004 Ariane moved to San Diego where she established herself as a Freelance Graphic Designer and created Thorne Design as her business. She currently offers Graphic Design services such as magazine and publication design, advertising, logos, business cards, letterhead, and brochures, when she’s not working for LJCC.

Ariane is happily married to her husband, Tim. She enjoys riding her bicycle, going on walks, gardening, decorating, and taking photos.

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Barbara Imamoto, Office Administrator

Barbara Imamoto joined the LJCC staff at the end of August 2015. Barbara has been blessed to serve and volunteer at LJCC for the past five years in Children’s Ministry and as a member of the Alive and Growing Leadership Team. She has also blessed us by volunteering her time and talent on a variety of Human Resources/office projects. Before becoming a stay-at-home mom of 7-year-old twins (Samantha and Nathan), Barbara was a Human Resources professional with 16 years of progressive HR experience. Barbara is excited to join the LJCC team to continue to serve and be part of God’s work at LJCC. She received Christ as her Savior as a young adult and was baptized at La Jolla Shores.

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Ian O’Meara, Director of Community Life

Ian was born in Chicago and raised in Wheaton, Illinois. In 1993, he joined the U.S. Navy and was stationed in San Diego. A few years later, he would meet his wife, Rebekah, and begin attending church. After many years of just “attending” church, he realized that he was not a Christian and accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior.

Ian spent 20 years in the U.S. Navy and achieved the highest enlisted rank, Master Chief, in an unprecedented 14 years. For his service to our country, Ian was award one of the highest peacetime medals. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Workforce Education from Southern Illinois University and a Master of Theological Studies with an emphasis in Biblical Languages from Bethel Seminary (Summa Cum Laude). From 2002-2006, he served as Associate Pastor of First Baptist Church in Chula Vista, California. He then served as Lay-Chaplain onboard various Naval ships at Naval Station San Diego from 2006-2013. Most recently, he served as a member of the Pastoral Support Team and a Men’s Ministry Leader at the Rock Church, San Diego from 2010- 2017.

Ian has been married to his wife Rebekah (Bekah) for over 19 years and they have four children together: Chloe (12), Ethan (10), Liam (8) and Jack-Lynne (6).

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Drake Oswald, Facilities Director

Drake grew up in a suburb of Seattle, Washington. He was raised in the church, and the youth group he attended was pivotal in his relationship with Christ. He graduated from Seattle Pacific University with a degree in Latin American Studies. Drake and his wife, Angela, grew up in the same church. They were married in 2011, and moved to Nicaragua to serve as missionaries. They came to San Diego to fix up a relative’s house and couldn’t leave the sun and beaches. Drake has been helping out in various ways in the LJCC office since June of 2014.

Drake enjoys reading, walks, gardening, and house-projects. He loves fixing all things broken or in need of improvement.

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