Chairman of the Board of Trustees Talking with Guests



2019 Board of Trustee Nominees are posted here. Members are encouraged to attend the May 19th Annual Meeting to vote on the nominees. Members must be in attendance to vote. All are welcome to attend the meeting between services from 10:00 am to 10:45 am. View the nominee photos and bios below.

Dave Nieman

Dave Nieman, LJCC member is nominated for the Board of TrusteesGrowing up in a Christian household in the Bay Area, I believed a life of faith consisted of church attendance, pot-lucks, and summer camp. While the environment I was raised in was safe and loving, looking back now, I see how my childhood was spiritually lukewarm. Then at one particular summer at camp in Mount Hermon, I was invited to take a further step with my faith. Through a few conversations and prayers, I came back home different than when I had left – Jesus was real, faith was active, and Christianity meant more than behaving at school, sitting up straight in church, and not talking back. Christians were called to make a radical departure from worldliness and apathy and instead love the lost and engage those around them genuinely.

Over time, admittedly I wandered from living out that deep conviction from my 6th-grade camp experience because the world offered new temptations which I indulged in completely during high school. After Graduation, I headed off to boot camp with the Navy, and it was there, in the war zone of the Persian Gulf, that God again got my full attention through a shipmate who called me on my duplicate life – believing one thing to be true and acting like it wasn’t. Now in San Diego, I returned to Church, joined a Bible Study full of Point Loma Nazarene students, and upon discharge enrolled there earning a BS in history.

Since then, my life had its share of ups and downs. I’ve dealt head-on with real life and its challenges, pain, and rewards. I met my wonderful and talented wife Becky here in San Diego and we share a vibrant life together while raising our dynamic son, Sebastian. I look back and see how God used others to steer me toward truth – to shape me with challenges, love me through crisis, and celebrate me for my potential. I am honored to take this next step of my personal journey by serving as an LJCC Trustee in a capacity that I hope will enable me to share my story with others, bring out the best in our congregation, and see that LJCC continues to prosper in the years to come.

I believe wholly in the mission of LJCC because it is in the day-to-day living of our faith that we carry out Jesus’ calling on our lives. We cannot live a compartmentalized life where we have a set-aside time for God (Sunday morning for an hour or so) and then go about our other affairs. Jesus modeled this authentic living in his ministry – eating in homes, teaching along the shoreline, wandering about meeting people where they were. I believe LJCC exists to equip – to energize, affirm, and support its members – to then carry out God’s will and plan in our homes, communities, and where we work and play.

Among all the things I cherish, it is deep relationships that matter most to me. Fostering true friendship and camaraderie, I believe, is a “lost art” that our culture desperately needs to restore. Jesus again demonstrated this with his disciples. I find the Vision, Mission, and Values of LJCC to align with my passion for seeing others – and men in particular – live a robust and engaging life as disciples of Christ.

Bob Penner

Bob PennerBob Penner and his wife Tami are charter members of LJCC, and both are past Church Board members. Bob has served on LJCC’s Finance and Audit committees, Choir, and Sunday morning A/V team. Bob works for HomeFed Corp., a real estate development company, as a special projects manager. Growing up on a family farm in Nebraska, church and church service has been a focal point in his life from a very young age. Bob feels blessed to have the opportunity to serve LJCC and is excited to help facilitate God’s plan for LJCC and its members as a trustee.

Bob and Tami have been married for 25 years and have three children, James, Jessica, and Jacob.

Bridgid Reilly

Nominee for the La Jolla Community Church Board of TrusteesI am the second of four children and was raised Catholic by two parents that both held close to the faith. Unfortunately, when I was seven, my father died suddenly while piloting his helicopter. This event reshaped my family for the worse. My mom was left to raise four children on her own with my eldest sister quickly becoming an addict. In response to the turmoil between my mom and sister I took on the role of peacekeeper and tried to help by being the responsible child and support to my mom. Our home was a place where God was highly revered, and I fully believe that my mom was able to raise all of us by His grace and strength. It taught me to revere God as I witnessed how my mom did her best to bless us and sacrifice many sleepless nights while making sure we were all fed and educated in a loving home. However, a relationship with Jesus was most definitely missing!

My mom was pretty tired by the time I got to high school and was happy to see me graduate and move on. We weren’t very close once I became a teen, so I began searching for myself in friends and dating. I followed my Catholic roots through the sacraments and into my adult life navigating school and life on my own. I really needed someone to help me understand planet earth and my place on it! I worked, went to college and modeled on the side. By the time I was twenty-four I met my first husband and we married within two years and had our first son. We raised him in the Catholic faith, all-the-while believing we were “Super People” with our own special skills of conquering the world. We opened a business, adopted a three-year-old and remodeled our home all within two years. Needless to say, this was a recipe for disaster! Our marriage began to crumble and so did our faith life. We had Wyatt a few years later, hoping it would save our relationship but only God could do that. We divorced when Wyatt was a year old.

I dated a few times after but prayed that God would make Himself and my boys enough unless He had work for me to do alongside a godly leader. My good friend brought me to the Rock Church in January of 2007, broken and badly needing restoration. I answered an “alter call” from Pastor Miles on my second visit. I believe I would have been to the altar had I been glued to my seat; the pull of the Holy Spirit was so strong! I also received counseling from a lovely woman from Calvary Chapel where she had me reading particular passages in the Bible in order to understand God’s faithfulness and love for me. I had only read the Bible a few times during the prior two years, so didn’t know many of the basics. I’m not sure how I knew, but I believed and understood that day, the verse “God works all things together for the good of those who love Him” (Rom 8:28). I still hold that truth close to my heart along with the fact that I am a new creation. For the next three years I poured through the Bible and wanted to immerse myself in church and serving.

I met Andrew the following year and after dating on and off for six months we began A-mall-ogetics, (witnessing at the mall). We have been up to our non-confrontational questioning and teaching since August of 2008. It has truly kept our marriage strong in the Lord and given us purpose in using our different gifts to glorify Him. In addition, I have been co-leading Good News Club for six years on a public school campus.

My life is deep and rich because of the relationship I now have with my loving, faithful Savior. I know my oldest would tell you he knows the old me and much prefers the new. I believe the Lord is doing a work in the next generation of our family as I watch my son’s grow and seek their purpose in Christ.

Having run a business and understanding the challenges of different perspectives and gifts, I believe God has equipped me with the understanding of harmonizing ideas for the good of all those who love Him.

Thank you for considering me to serve on the board of LJCC.

Many Blessings,
Bridgid Reilly

Geoff Sheppard

Geoff Sheppard is a Nominee of the La Jolla Community Church Board of TrusteesMy name is Geoff Sheppard, an active duty Naval Officer, a lifelong surfer, outdoorsman and runner. Most importantly, however, I’m the husband to my incredibly intelligent and beautiful wife, Monica and father of three amazing boys; Harley (15), Weston (8) and Daniel (6). I’m a Southern CA native and by the grace of God, my family and I have been stationed in San Diego throughout my entire career! With only a year left until retirement, I’m at the point in my life where I am able to concentrate less on my Naval career and more on the things that matter most to me: God, my family, encouraging others and as I’ve recently stolen from one of Pastor Steve’s sermons, Living Graciously.

I achieved my undergraduate degree from the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD with a BS in Ocean Engineering and a minor in Spanish. Following my commission as an Officer, I studied at the Universidad de Salmintér in Salamanca, Spain and achieved a degree in Contemporary Spanish Culture. My graduate degree is a Masters in Public Administration and I couldn’t be more thrilled to be on my journey to earning a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology (PsyD).

I first came to know Christ in my elementary schools days at which point I was raised in the Catholic Church while attending Awana at Community Baptist Church in Manhattan Beach, LA. Upon moving to San Diego during my middle school years, I continued attending Catholic Mass with my parents and was an active participant in Youth Group at Grace Community Church. Although my thirst for the Lord was truly established during my younger years attending various Christian camps such as Hume Lake, Bass Lake and Alpine Summit, my genuine desire to devote my life to Christ solidified while at Grace Community Youth Group during High School. Leading youth worship with my guitar around a beach bonfire after a day in the surf was routine.

Monica, the boys and I started attending LJCC regularly just over three years ago after a long search for a church that praised the Lord in the way we desired. We felt at home immediately. We’ve been blessed to partake in many of the church activities and I’ve personally had many opportunities to meet fellow parishioners. Whether at “Wild at Heart” or “Restoration Project Base Camp” with my son, both focused on the Lord in beautiful Lake Arrowhead, or through ushering at 1st Service or getting deep in my Life Group, I’ve met many of the wonderful people who call LJCC their home. Although I also just started volunteering with Ryan in his awesome and expanding junior high / high school youth ministry, I can’t wait to see where he takes it and am excited to witness it first handedly! I live my life and raise my boys focusing on Phil. 4:13 and that I (we) can do all things through Christ who gives us strength.

I feel that at this point in life, God is directing me to step up and rely on my well-honed leadership abilities and loving heart while serving Him as an LJCC board member. I look forward to doing so and pray that no matter what, our church is blessed to have the right people in the right place to spread the Word of the Lord and lead with determination but love with grace.