We’ve been on a journey as a church for the past few years and this fall Pastor Murray is going to talk about the fulfillment of that journey throughout the sermon series. The series begins with our values and how they add value to what we do. Through the series, learn about our mission as a church, the vision we have on our campus and in the community through 2020. We invite you to enter into the story.

Part 1:  What we value… determines what we do


10 “Everybody Needs Jesus”
17 “Rooted in Word & Prayer”
24 “Wise and Discerning”


1 “Live Generously”
8 “Better Together”
15 “Local and global partners”

Part 2:  What we do… comes out of what we value


22 “We Learn to Walk in the Power of the Holy Spirit”
29 “We Support our Community”


5 “We Demonstrate God’s love for all people”
12 “We Invest in Personal Growth”
19 “We Manage Our Lives to Bless Others”
26 “We Seek to honor and glorify God”